XMLia 2.0

Web based XML viewer and editor

Welcome to XMLia 2.0

This is a unique Web 2.0 site with online editor and vizualizator of XML. Why to pay money for windows editors?

Just register (absolutely free of charge ) in our site and use our online editor (absolutely free of charge).

We provide the XMLGrid technology visualisation that is avaliable only in very high-cost XML editors.Here you can use it for free!

All what we ask from you-just register.

Just Register and Go to Viewer Page!!!!!!!

Important:18.06.07-Released version 2.0 of Ajax Grid-VERY FAST!!

Super Important News:Xmlia.Com and Gimao.Com signed an agreement of user sharing!


Gimao Thin Client is a Skype of Group Information Management!!

Gimao's solution allow user groups and online communities to seamlessly structure and share any type of data and content, in on-line and off-line modes, with a single tool.

From now anyone who is using Xmlia.com automatically can get an account in Gimao.com

Gimao.com and Xmlia.com-partnership for better service




What's New

Version 1.0 of Online XMLia editor is released and ready for using.


What's Up Lately

We are releasing this first candidate for online XML editor and it will be imroved with many additional features.

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